Every day, we believe in the power to succeed and shine.

We believe in a unique journey of self-mastery.

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The Children's Self-Development Team

Here at Raising A Warrior, we are continually dedicated to designing, creating and providing a range of Bravery Tools to help your children. We want them to be the best that they can be, tackle obstacles with strength and confidence, handle those BIG emotions, chase their dreams…and much more. But, most of all, we want them to FIND THEIR BRAVE. 

"Everyday, we believe in the power to succeed and shine. We believe in a unique journey of self mastery. Mastery of the self is resolving inner conflicts with confidence, trusting our voices, taking charge, getting creative, exploring great ideas, dreaming big and being our true selves." Naomi & Sam

Raising A Warrior- The Bravery Tool Kit

From Fearful Child to Curious Warrior: How To Raise A Warrior

Take A Life-Changing Journey With Your Child. Use the Bravery Tool Kit to pass on key life-skills, handle adversity, and teach gratitude and kindness to your children. Help your child to question their inner resilience and strengths, heal, to be a happy, not fearful child and above all a 'curious warrior' who grows into a strong adult.

This unique tool kit is designed to open conversations - especially the tough ones - between you and your children, facilitate family/group-time, childhood reading, and fun and open communication.

The tool kit includes a 3-book project (available in paperback, kindle, and audible), an online course for tweens, a special 'bag of bravery' just for your child, and children's personalised fleeces and hoodies to help them feel part of their brave tribe!

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