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Self-Development Tools
For Tweens

Bravery Tools Loved By Tweens

Take A Life-Changing Journey With Your Child. Use the Bravery Tool Kit to pass on key life-skills, handle adversity, and teach gratitude and kindness to your children. Help your child to question their inner resilience and strengths, heal, to be a happy, not fearful child and above all a 'curious warrior' who grows into a strong adult.

This unique tool kit is designed to open conversations - especially the tough ones - between you and your children, facilitate family/group-time, childhood reading, and fun and open communication.

Raising a Warrior Book

In this beautiful story, sisters Lucy and Sarah face the almost unimaginable tragedy of losing their parents, but must then tackle separation from each other. Along the way, they each learn wisdom from life and new friends, discover hidden strengths, hope and opportunities, and heal their broken hearts.


Children will love their story - and organically absorb its lessons - as the girls find the courage to make brave, new choices, and create the life of their dreams. 

Available in Paperback, Audiobook, Kindle Edition and Google Play.

Priced From £7.99

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Love From Our Warrior Parents/Carers & Tweens

"My youngest daughter is 4 and struggles with her emotions, the bravery bag has help her so much, she draws her emotions in her book, sleeps with her wolf to keep her safe at night from the monsters and takes the cards in to school, it helps her understand her emotions too, she is finding her brave. It’s a great bag, of goodies, was very impressed, you are doing a great job ladies."


Clare Surgey, Nottinghamshire

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