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 The Truth to be Curious , knowing that life is not to be feared.

Witnessing ( quite out of the blue) a road accident which then connected me to how I myself (from my own childhood) had understood the warrior inside of myself; became an opening to a beautiful journey, the journey to reading this book. Within the soul of the book is a story of understanding how life is about a multitude of life connections. It is an enabler for the reader to connect the child, to the inner warrior inside themselves. It handles useful mindset visionary workshops, to help widen a child’s knowledge to help and question their inner resilience and strengths, to help to heal, to be a happy not fearful child ‘to become a curious warrior ‘ enabling a forward adult future strength. I therefore highly recommend this for all parents, and for all schools to use in the classroom ; helping growth, strength, love and resilience to mature inside all children to become stronger loving spirited adult.

Carol, South Yorkshire

Follow your dreams

"Amazing book as a sensitive story and great guide for parents . It teach you how to back to you basic parenting . How to spend great time with your child teaching him humanity , how to fight about your dream and happy life. As a parent to me my dream is that my child will have that happy life and smile on face all the time."

Mario, Nottinghamshire

 A much needed book with the chaos that young people are facing. 

"This book addresses a variety of topics that children/young people are currently dealing with. Naomi has a unique talent for understanding how the world effects our young people and her passion to help them really shines through in this book. There are several activities throughout that help the young reader and can encourage the care giver to open up difficult conversations. I couldn't recommend this book enough and I think it needs to be used, not only at home, but also in educational settings."

Lucy, Lincolnshire

“I’ve just finished reading the story of Lucy and Sarah, and read through your activities. You have so nailed the understanding of life’s journeys, how to grow and cope with life, and how to help children understand the waves and thermals which uproot and shake our hearts and minds. I cried with understanding, knowing all too well how this is so important for children to learn. It is a powerful narrative. We need children to grasp that life is a box of chocolates...soft, hard, rich, sticky and hard to swallow at times....but in every box there will be one which allows a smile to evolve. Children need to understand about resilience in life…it is so, so important.” 

Carol, South Yorkshire.

"I’m half way through this unique and helpful book that is not only helpful and insightful but has made me feel better about parenting decisions I have made and helped me understand me and my children better and therefore make better choices. I think it’s a really hard world for kids to be kids in and to grow up in. And this book is a real help in these times. Thank you Naomi and Samantha." 

Stuart, Kent. 

Interesting, useful and thought-provoking

"I thought the format of this book (novel/activity book/adult’s guide) was quite innovative compared to other parenting books I have read. The novel gets to grips with some very difficult subjects and then the activities allow the child to work through each one with an adult’s guidance. You can either use the whole thing or dip into it as you see fit. My son is too young to read or have the novel read to him yet, but I’m glad I read it as it was real food for thought. I will definitely do the activities with him when he is a bit bigger - I think a lot of them could be incorporated into our daily routine. All in all, I recommend!"

Anna, Paris.

"My mother died a long time ago, when I was quite young, and there was very little opportunity or encouragement to talk about her, or to keep her memory alive. My family were not being unkind, they thought that was the best way to deal with it and did not know any other way to tackle the subject of bereavement, or any other important subject for that matter. I honestly feel that given the chance to openly communicate would have made me a more outgoing, confident person. Books like "Raising a Warrior" open up the door to awareness and guidance for children and their carers to freely discuss any problems that they may be facing."

Lorna, Nottinghamshire. 

Online Course Testimonials

"We found the Raising A Warrior course really beneficial and helpful especially as my girls were nervous about going back to school after having such a long time off.  Sam and Naomi are so friendly and warm and we found their videos easy to follow along and listen too. They explained everything in an easy to understand way and they also gave examples of things that had happened in their lives that related to the topic they were discussing. This made the videos so much more relatable. Each of the 12 activities has been very well thought out and deepen the learning experience from the videos. They will get your children thinking about their own feelings and situations. I love how there is a Warrior Miracle Morning section at the beginning giving children a few short daily activities that they can do to help them start their days positive. My 12 year-old daughter is a sensitive and very shy girl and doesn't open up a lot but I can tell she enjoyed doing the course. I also did this course with my 10 year-old who is a lot more open so she sat and did it with me and she enjoyed the videos and thinking about the answers to the activities."

Cheryl Lee-White, Somerset. Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger and Children's Author. To read the full review, please do visit:

"Since finding raising a warrior it’s truly amazing never thought anything like this existed .. the tools they provide is so unique and thoroughly thought through we have started the course but had to put it on hold due to other family illness but now we back on track . To anyone who thinking of joining you have nothing to loose only to gain this group will change your life and your child and help you see and develop in a way you never thought possible."

Jennifer, South Yorkshire

Bag of Bravery Testimonials

"I would recommend the bravery bag, this is a review from my Son and Daughter. I really love my wolf Storm because he makes me feel really happy and safe and also keeps me calm at times. I really like the bravery bag items, I have enjoyed using the wolf journal and I gave the stickers to my sister. Thank you @Raisingawarrior.. love Krishan and Aman."

Suneeta Singh, South Yorkshire

"My youngest daughter is 4 and struggles with her emotions, the bravery bag has help her so much, she Draws her emotions in her book, sleeps with her wolf to keep her safe at night from the monsters and takes the cards in to school, it helps her understand her emotions too, she is finding her brave. It’s a great bag, of goodies, was very impressed, you are doing a great job ladies. Love the surgey family ❤️"

Clare Surgey, Nottinghamshire

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