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This 12 Week Warrior Course has been exclusively written for you and your Tween. He/She may believe that courage comes in the form of grand, big gestures, super heroic feats like slaying a dragon. Of course, our children are slaying their own dragons, every day. They’re heroes, every one of them.

This course is taught through 15-minute conversational videos and then written or practical tasks for your warrior to carry out at their own pace. Each of us faces challenging obstacles in life; your tween will learn how to recognise and use their warrior strengths to get past them. They will complete the course with their very own toolkit so they know they will always have the warrior tools to solve their problems. They will 'find their brave'.

Your tween can learn from this course, regardless of their learning style: Version VA is for visual and auditory learners and Version K is suited to kinesthetic learners. They can choose to print off their course, and write directly on it or design their own Warrior Course Book. At the end, each will be awarded his or her very own Warrior Certificate!

They will learn:

  • BIG LIFE EVENTS: How to recognise big life events and the impact that they can have.
  • STUCK IN THE RIVERBED: How to identify obstacles that may be in their way, but also the warrior strengths that they have, to knock those obstacles out of the way.
  • WEEKLY ROUTINE: How to plan a Weekly Routine, to help them work towards their goals and dreams.
  • LOSS AND TRANSFORMATION: How to work through losing something or someone, but also seeing what loss can turn into.
  • 7 FEEL GOOD AREAS: How to identify 7 different areas of their life, and plan something happy in each area.
  • MEMORY BOOK AND BOX: How to make a Memory Book and a Memory Box, to remember special times and people.
  • SEASONS OF CHANGE: How to label and work with their feelings and emotions, like the changing seasons.
  • YOUR STORY: How to write/tell a story about how they want their life to be, and how to make that happen.
  • PROCESSING FEELINGS: How to process all of their big feelings in proactive, warrior ways.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: How to identify different relationships, and how people like to be praised/loved.
  • SEE YOU LATER: How to be brave and say goodbye to something or someone special.
  • YOUR TOOLKIT: How to create their very own toolkit so they know they will always have the warrior tools to solve their problems. 

When you order the course, look out for these extra bonuses!

  • A 'Mister Sleep' song for your child and 2 bedtime battle breaker worksheets to promote mindfulness and positive thinking.
  • Raising A Warrior Car Sticker for little missions out and about in the car.


You will see that there are 2 different versions of the course: Version VA and Version K. Version VA is best suited to all of the children who learn in a Visual or Auditory way, and Version K is best suited to all of the children who learn in a Kinesthetic way. We wanted to make sure that the course was accessible to every Tween, regardless of their learning style. If you're not sure which learning style your child has and/or you just want to learn more about this, please do have a look at our Learning Style Blog And our Kinesthetic Learning Blog

I Found My Brave Course

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