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Raising a Warrior Book

In this beautiful story, sisters Lucy and Sarah face the almost unimaginable tragedy of losing their parents, but must then tackle separation from each other. Along the way, they each learn wisdom from life and new friends, discover hidden strengths, hope and opportunities, and heal their broken hearts.


Children will love their story - and organically absorb its lessons - as the girls find the courage to make brave, new choices, and create the life of their dreams. 

Available in Paperback, Audiobook, Kindle Edition and Google Play.

Priced From £7.99

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Top Review

"I thought the format of this book (novel/activity book/adult’s guide) was quite innovative compared to other parenting books I have read. The novel gets to grips with some very difficult subjects and then the activities allow the child to work through each one with an adult’s guidance. You can either use the whole thing or dip into it as you see fit.


My son is too young to read or have the novel read to him yet, but I’m glad I read it as it was real food for thought. I will definitely do the activities with him when he is a bit bigger - I think a lot of them could be incorporated into our daily routine. All in all, I recommend!"

Anna, Paris.

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